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Cocoa Bombs ™ Prepares for GFSI Certification

Cocoa Bombs ™ prepares for initial GFSI / SQF Certification. 

What is GFSI / SQF certification and why does it matter? 

To your average consumer, these terms might not mean anything. However, in the retail world, especially for the biggest known names in the industry, it is a deal breaker. GFSI, or Global Food Safety Initiative, and SQF, or Safe Quality Foods, is a program and certification issued to manufacturers, growers, or distributors of food or food related materials intended for human/animal consumption. For manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, it matters mainly because it serves as proof that from the start of the supply chain, i.e. the manufacturer, all the way through the end of the chain, i.e. the retailer, said item or items intended for consumption have gone through a rigorous food safety program that strengthens food safety and improves quality. 


Why is it important for us to get this certification? 

As the original and largest U.S. based manufacturer of these tasty holiday staples, it is important for us to achieve this level of recognition to give all of our consumers the confidence of providing a safe product that children and adults everywhere can enjoy. On the other hand, our market access will also improve, which will eventually lead to replacement of imported, mock hot chocolate bombs, and provide U.S. and international consumers with premium hot chocolate bombs that are made in the United States. 

What happens next? 

On the front end, not very much will change! We will continue to manufacture, develop, and sell our delicious items across most of our online/retail channels. On the back end, we are hard at work implementing new systems, programs, and growing our team to effectively enhance the quality of our food safety program and products.

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