By Eric Torres Garcia

Cocoa Bombs Facility Achieves SQF Certification

Cocoa Bombs LLC has become the first confectionery manufacturing company in the state of Idaho to achieve SQF Edition 9 certification with a 95/100 rating. What does this mean? It means that our products and manufacturing procedures have been audited against the highest international standard for food safety and quality. The company is pleased to announce the certification and scope, granted in October of 2022, covers products ranging from molded chocolates – hollow, filled, and shaped – to hot chocolate beverage mixes and hot chocolate DIY kits. 

Maintaining the certification under our current scope and growing our product offerings are a vital part of our commitment to continue providing our partners and new prospects with safe and delicious treats. 

Cocoa Bombs LLC has niched down on providing allergen-friendly candies and chocolates free of all nuts, peanuts and tree nuts. The company has plans to continue to expand its scope of certification for 2023 to meet its growing demand.

To request a copy of the certificate or for more information, please contact us at


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